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What is the term for a device used to take the place of a missing body part?

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a) Pronation
b) Abduction
c) External rotation
d) Prothesis

That is correct!
Sorry that is incorrect.

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When you have completed your training to become a CNA or Certified Nurses Aide (Assistant) you will need to take a test to actually receive your certification. You want to pass this test of course so you'll need to study your materials and take a cna practice test a few times. Brush up on topics that were covered in the earlier parts of your training. Practice hands on coursework with other students. The last step you should take before you take the actual test is to take a practice or cna sample test.

In order to pass you need to have answered 80 percent or higher of the questions correctly. This is easy for many people when they have prepared in advance. Part of the preparation is taking the practice test more than once to ensure you really know the information and are ready for the real thing. A practice test might tell you where you need to study more or it might tell you that you are ready. Either way its a good idea to take one to see where you are at. You want to pass the real test the first time. You don.t want to waste your time, money, and create a lot of anxiety for yourself by not passing and having to re take the test. In order to avoid this make sure you pass the practice test by more than 80 percent before you take the real test. Take several practice tests. Make sure you feel ready, you know your stuff.

If you do these few things you will have no problem passing your exam the first time. You will be happy you prepared in advance. Not only will you have passed the test but going in you will be confident and relieve yourself of unneeded pressure that many students feel when going in to take the exam. You will have the confidence that you have passed the practice test so you can rest easy that the real test will be a cinch!