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How To Get Free CNA Training

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With the demand for CNA’s (also called Certified Nursing Assistants) and other medical professionals going up there is bound to be a way to get your training for a reduced cost or free. In fact there are several ways to do so. Before I go on though I need to state that nothing is truly ‘free’ there will be a ‘payment’ attached to it but it may just not be actual money. It might be perhaps working for an agency for free or committing to them for a certain number of years after you have completed the training. However if you are looking for a job in this field, have no training, and yet want to start now then this is a good option for you.

Where to start looking? Many programs are available through different means to provide free training so where should one start to look for these free CNA training opportunities. The first place to look would be at your local Hospital or Nursing home. These are both major sources for obtaining free training. They may come with stipulations as stated above so make sure to find out what those are before you sign up. Another place to look would be online. There are several legitimately free CNA training courses provided online. Another place to look would be at your local vocational school, or through a job placement agency.

With any type of training be aware that although the training may be free the course equipment, the testing, or other things may not be. It is a good idea to read the fine print and ask lots of questions. That way you will know exactly how much your ‘free’ course will cost you either in your time and commitment to the agency or other things like testing. You could possibly get CNA certified in the wrong state if your aren’t careful as well. You may even have to pay for testing, ‘materials’ or ‘course ware’ which would be the same as the cost of a course elsewhere.

In order to find out if the program you are looking at is legit and actually free there are several questions to ask and things to think about and know to help you know you are in the right program. Read the fine print! Are there any hidden fees? What am I committing to and for how long? What state will I be CNA certified in when I am finished? If you are not sure about the agency certifying then look them up and ask other graduates questions about it. You can be sure about it if it is using the red cross CNA training. Ask yourself is this a reputable establishment, say for instance a local hospital would be fine. Lastly contact the State Board of Nursing and make sure the training is approved through them.

There is yet one more may you can get free CNA training. Go to or contact your states’ Department of Public Health. They sometimes will provide a scholarship program for students. With the scholarship your could receive a free or reduced rate for your training. This is a great place to start for any potential CNA anyway. If they are not providing scholarships they may be able to point you in the direction of a free training somewhere in your community.

There are many ways to receive free CNA training. As the next generation is entering retirement age these opportunities are becoming more prevalent because the demand for quality CNA’s is going up. Nurses assistants are in high demand and therefore there are many agency’s who want to train CNA’s quickly in order to have more available to their agencys. It may take a bit of work and researching but it is worth it if you can receive your CNA training for free and be certified as a CNA in a job you will love.